28 Voices

A Nonfiction Anthology, Vol.1


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The authors of these 28 essays recount a wide range of life’s journeys and what we have learned from them: childhood memories, life-changing events, love and relationships, childbirth and parenthood, balancing family and career, adapting to new environments or cultures, coping with losses of loved ones, and spirituality.

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© 2024. Forthcoming in June 2024. 

Contributors (click to see their bios)

Jean Ann

Leslie Ellen Archer

George Barber

Holly Besaw

Ann Sutera Botash

Harriet Brown

Susan Burgess

Karen C. Chamis

Gwenlyn Davis

Carol Decker 

Shannon L. Farrell

Mary C. Gillen

Sandy Greenberg

Samuel D. Gruber

Felicia Haury

Karen Foresti Hempson

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham

Amy James

Dinesh J. John 

Sarah L. Mawhorter

Marissa Montgomery

Mary Nowyj

Sylvia O’Connor

Kimberly Parr

Aaron M. Perrine

Lee B. Savidge

Jacqueline Schmitt 

Jackie Southard

John Valliattu